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How to Tie A Ribbon Bow - Craft Techniques

How to Tie A Ribbon Bow - Craft Techniques

Are you one of those who love giving a gift just as much as receiving them?  Whether it is a birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas, there are many gifting occasions throughout the year. Those who said money cannot buy happiness obviously have not been spending their money in the right places.  Engaging in gift giving is an act of generosity that has proven to make people happy.  Gift giving is truly more rewarding than receiving.

It is a standard practice that one puts a lot of thought into a gift for a loved one. Shopping for gifts is very exciting and once you have found the perfect gift, all that remains is the right kind of wrapping. It is important how a gift is packaged because it adds a beautiful personal touch to the art of gift-giving. A perfect decorative bow is the finishing touch on gift wrapping. The fancy ribbon bow on the gift bag or box will make it more pleasing to the eye.

A ribbon bow can be the perfect finishing touch for your craft projects. But getting them just right can sometimes be a little tricky.

I'm going to show you a quick and simple way to make your bows perfect every time when making a bow. I like to leave my ribbon on the reel so I don't waste too much.

Step 1: The first thing we need to do is create two bunny ears like below.

create two bunny ears


Step 2: Then simply knot the bunny ears together.

knot the bunny ears


Step 3: Now the bow might look a little bit messy to start with. but that's fine because all we need to do is maneuver the bow.

 maneuver the bow


Sttep 4: So just adjust it until you're happy want to. Make sure both of your loops are about the same size and then all I need to do is cut fishtail to either end of our bow.

cut fishtail


Finally: Here's our finished by. A perfect ribbon bow.

A perfect ribbon bow


There are lots of different ways to create a ribbon bow out there. This will be an easier way to make ribbon bows for gifts step by step. Wrapping your gifts with ribbon bows can endow much of fun on your presents. Of course, if you still can't learn gift wrapping ribbon techniques, just choose a pretty gift bag.

Top 10 Classic Gift Bags Recommended

Handheld Ribbon Vintage Kraft Paper Bags

This vintage kraft paper tote bag has plenty of room to accommodate and is tied with a gentle ribbon at the tote to highlight its unique design. This gift bag is suitable for many occasions, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, etc.

Petal Heart Gift Bags

With its romantic and unique look, this petal heart gift bag with handles is a very popular choice and is perfect for presenting small gifts, especially those that are handmade or organic.

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