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How to Pack Gift Bags?

How to Pack Gift Bags?

Using wrapping papers to gift wrap can be difficult and a messy affair. Meanwhile, gift bags are simple, easy to use and presentable. They are available in many different prints and colors, which make them easy to customize.

Gift bags are a life-saver when you have last minute gifts and are running out of time. You do not have to wrap different gifts when you have beautifully-styled gift bags. All you have to do is just pop the gift in,  pack the gift bag in your way and you are ready to hand over a gift that would wow.

In this article, we will address methods to pack a gift bag using tissue papers, gift cards and ribbons. We also involved the tips to choose the right gift bag according to your need.

Pack Gift Bags Tip 1: Put Tissue Paper in a Gift Bag

The most exciting way to make a mystery present is to put pretty tissue paper in the gift bag. So how to place tissue paper in a gift bag and make it look good? Scroll ahead for some tips.

Method 1 - Fill The Bag With Tissue Papers First

  • Get a bag that is twice or thrice larger the size of the gift.
  • If the gift is a fragile item, wrap it with tissue paper and keep it aside.
  • If you have a deep gift bag, use tissue papers to line the bottom of the bag or add some fillers to cushion the gift.  Remember to use fresh new tissue paper for favorable effect.
  • For this next step, you can use tissues of different coordinating colors or prints to add some flare. Carefully separate the pieces of tissue as they can tear and wrinkle easily. Place them flat on the table and layer them on top of each other. You may use 3 to 5 pieces of tissue papers.
  • Then put your hand under the pile of tissue paper and pinch the center into a point.  Lift the pile up and collect the paper into a bundle. This would look like a bouquet of tissues.
  • Place the bundle of tissue papers with the pointed end first into the gift bag and leave the unruffled portion sticking out of the bag.  Next, arrange as needed.
  • Put the gift into the bag and do be careful doing this to prevent wrinkling or tearing of the tissue papers.
Put Tissue Paper

Method 2 - Wrapping The Gift With Tissue Papers

This is an easier way to decorate the gift bag.

  • Lay out sheets of tissue papers and then place your wrapped gift in the center.  Ensure that the gift is centered on the sheets.
  • Next, take the opposite corners of the tissue papers and bring them over to the gift.
  • Scrunch the paper above the gift gently.
  • Lift the gift by holding the bottom and place it into the gift bag.  The tissue papers will be peeking out from the top of the bag.
  • Gently arrange them to your liking.
  • If needed, you can add more tissue paper to the bag to poof it up.

Pack Gift Bags Tip 2: Put Gift Card In A Gift Bag

Once you make your gift bags look picture-perfect with tissue paper, you can add a card like the vintage greeting card to the bag. The gift card can be placed inside the bag or outside the bag by taping it in place. 

These vintage looking gift cards are made from kraft paper and they exude elegant and simplicity.  They will definitely add a personal touch to presents for friends and family.

Vintage Gift Card


You can also choose the Mini Creative Gift Cards that are made from high quality and thick paper. Their modern and simple aesthetic add a touch of glamour to gift bag. They are perfect for Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Baby Shower or other special occasions.

Modern Gift Card


Alternatively, you can also add gift tags like the kraft tags to the bag. These simple tags come with corrugated edges and are wrinkle-resistant and tear-resistant. They are not season specific and you can use them all year round. 

Firstly, write your name and the recipient's name for easy identification. You can also add your own messages on the tag. Next, thread a piece of twine or ribbon through the hole of the tag, make a knot and tie it to the handle of the gift bag.  These gift tags will instantly upgrade any gift bags.

Pack Gift Bags Tip 3: Decorate Gift Bags With Embellishments

You can choose to decorate the gift bag with a bow or ribbon for that extra creative touch.  It can be placed on the handle of the bag.  Tying a bow or a ribbon can be a little tricky. Here are some tips on how to tie a perfect bow with ribbon onto the gift bag.

  • Cut a ribbon of about 12 inches long.
  • Slide the ribbon around the handle of the bag.  Choose either the left or the right side of the handle.
  • Make a knot with the ribbon.
  • Make two evenly sized loops in each hands to form a bunny ears.
  • Take the right loop and cross over to the left.
  • Fold the right loop behind the left and thread it back to the center
  • Feed the right loop through the center and pull both loops into a knot tightly.
  • Adjust the length of each loop, trim off any excess length. The cut off the ends at an angle or V-shape for a finish look.
Put a Ribbon Bow on a Gift Bag


The key to elegant gift-wrapping is the simplicity. Make your gift so well packaged that the recipient will hesitate to open it because they want to stop to admire. Giving gift is a joyful experience so have fun and be creative. Give gifts a beautiful presentation even when you do not have time to wrap them.  These lovely gift bags will elevate your gifting game to a whole new level.

Decorate Gift Bags With Embellishments

How To Choose The Right Gift Bag?

Gift bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are made of durable material, convenient and customizable. Gift bags can be reuse to package another gift for another person which make them very environmental friendly.

Choosing the right gift bag can be a rather daunting task because there are many gift bags for every look and occasion.

First of all, determine the type of gift that will be placed inside the bag. If you are filling the bag with heavy content, then you must choose a gift bag that is made from heavier and sturdier material to be able to withstand the weight.

sturdier material gift bags


There are also gift bags for different occasions such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and other festivals.  Pick gift bags according to the right theme.

Holiday Gift Bags


Apart from celebrations such as birthdays and weddings, gift bags are also used as welcome gifts or table gifts for corporate events. When choosing gift bags such events, opt for something classic and stylish that is more neutral and not too masculine or feminine.

neutral gift bags

Recommendation: Top 5 Classic Gift Bags for Each Occasion

No matter for a holiday, or a company event, there are some gift bags that are classic and timeless. We simply listed some foolproof choices of gift bags for you.


Neutral Gift Bag for Any Occasion

Neutral Gift Bag for Any Occasion


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The classic kraft paper gift bag sets with handles can be used as party favor bags, goodie bags, gift wrapping, shopping bags, packaging bags, retail bags, merchandise bags for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette favors, Christmas wrapping, corporate events or any holidays and events.


Christmas Theme Gift Bags

Christmas Theme Gift Bags


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Made from thick kraft cardstock, these gift bags come with a Christmas design and gold-stamped pattern in three sizes of your choice, making your gift look even more heartfelt. 


Halloween Theme Gift Bags

Halloween Theme Gift Bags


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Printed with a cute pattern related to the Halloween theme makes it suitable for trick or treat to celebrate the coming of Halloween for children. Paper material causes it lightweight and easy to carry. If you use the gift bag to hold gifts, kids will love it.


Thank You Gift Bags

Thank You Gift Bags


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These bags are enough sturdy to hold all autumn goodies. They come with a rustic look, featuring the "Thank you print, illustrating the idea well of being thankful for everyone on Thanksgiving Day


Gift Bags for Romantic Events

Gift Bags for Romantic Events


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With its romantic and unique look, this petal heart gift bag with handles is a very popular choice and is perfect for presenting small gifts, especially those that are handmade or organic.  This gift bag looks equally at home at craft shows, in small boutiques.  It comes in a lovely eco-friendly paper finish.

In Short

Everyone has different personal preferences. The best look can also depend on the gift and bag. For some people who are not imaginative, It will be secure to pack a gift bag using the common ways people often use. Making no mistakes is the best way, right?

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