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Best Drawstring Gift Bags Ideas 2022

Best Drawstring Gift Bags Ideas 2022

With the popularity of kringle express gift bags, drawstring gift bags have entered people's vision and followed into the spotlight in the market of gift bags and wrapping, especially at the Christmas season due to a flood of gifts that needs to be wrapped while there are many people hating gift wrapping.

Drawstring Christmas gift bags are friendly to someone who is not ingenious but have to wrap tons of gifts, like a single grandpa with six grandkids. Drawstring Christmas bags make him done with gift wrapping in under thirty minutes.

There're a lot of varieties of bags with drawstring to meet a wide range of gift package needs. For the party planners, there are many cute mini drawstring gift bags that can be party favor bags to hold the party favors such as handmade biscuits, candies, etc. If you want to package items for your customers, some organza drawstring bags will be a great choice. Of course, as a kind of expensive gift, jewelry needs to be wrapped in velvet drawstring bags to look crisp and professional.

There's always somebody who is never very good at shopping. For those who don't know where to buy drawstring gift bags, we rounded up some fancy drawstring gift bags according to the fabric, size, festival to meet their needs.

Top 3 Drawstring Christmas Gift Bags

Christmas is a festival when giving the most gifts. People even start to wrap Xmas gifts from September if they have too many kids/grandkids because it's just very time consuming to wrapping a gift box using wrapping papers, especially for those who are not well at gift wrapping. Christmas gift bags with drawstring ribbon will let them complete the gift wrap with a smile.

Drawstring Gift Bags Bulk

These drawstring gift bags in bulk are perfect for those who do not like to gift wrap with paper. Lazy folks like me! Just place the gift into the drawstring bag and tie it with a string. Done! The string holds it tightly and securely. The bags are made of high quality aluminum foil. They are not see-through so don’t worry about the gifts being spoiled through the bags. They are durable and shouldn’t tear easily.

Christmas Wrapping Bags With Drawstrings

If you've never used these drawstring Christmas wrapping bags before - you should. They're really nice. Place the gifts in bag, cinch the draw string, tie it up and BOOM, your done. These are especially nice for guys who don't like wrapping presents or aren't that good at doing so. They look fancy and are super easy to use.

Christmas Pull String Gift Bags

These pull string gift bags are such an invention. If you are a busy mom and not good at wrapping presents and pretty messy and this is perfect. There are a couple of these you could use for both birthdays and Christmas as they are solid colors. The thickness is similar to other wrapping paper. This is a genius idea for gift wrapping.

Top 5 Fabric Drawstring Gift Bags

There are some drawstring gift bags out of fabric like linen, burlap, canvas, velvet, jute, organza. They are used as Santa Sacks, jewel gift bags, party favor bags, bachelorette gift bags as long as you choose the right size, customer treat bags.

Large Cotton Drawstring Gift Bags

These jumbo drawstring bags make holiday gift wrapping a breeze. If you are all about making the holidays less stressful, and these bags will make it so quick and convenient to wrap gifts – especially those oddly shaped packages. Overall, good quality and a great idea!

Velvet Drawstring Gift Bags

These velvet drawstring bags are perfect size for gifts, jewelry, coins, medallions, mini perfume bottles, mini essential oil bottles, precious notes, mini photos, precious polished rock-stones, etc! Nice material and construction.

Linen Drawstring Gift Bags

This Colorful Linen Drawstring Burlap Pouch Bag is perfect for holding candies, biscuits, and small gifts during Christmas. They can set off the Christmas atmosphere very well

Non-Woven Giant Drawstring Gift Bags

This large drawstring gift bags is a perfect gift bag at Christmas for kids or family, Santa Claus with the presents is riding on the reindeer express from the north pole, with beautiful snowflakes in the sky.

Organza Drawstring Bags

If you don't know how to pick the right small drawstring gift bag, then the organza drawstring bags won't be wrong. They can be treat bags for Halloween that the kids can reuse them if they so choose to or their parents can use them in different ways. You also can have them for a women's retreat. And this size was perfect for the tea cup and saucer.

Top 5 Holiday Drawstring Gift Bags

No matter foil drawstring gift bags or some recyclable drawstring gift bags out of fabric, the print is an important factor for them. Among wide range of pattern design, holiday theme print is indispensable, especially to Christmas and Halloween. Thus, when we collect festive drawstring gift bags, we only selected some Christmas and Halloween drawstring bags.

Pumpkin Halloween Gift Bag With Drawstring

The decorative Halloween gift bag features the drawstring. It is printed the pumpkin pattern that is popular by the kids. It comes in 4 colors pumpkin, white pumpkin, green cat, red pumpkin, stripe pumpkin head, suitable for holding some candies, snow cakes, and other snacks.

Christmas Cloth Drawstring Gift Bags

This cute Christmas gift packaging bag has a large capacity. You can easily put biscuits, candies, or gifts in this bag. And it is made of high-quality linen, which is environmentally friendly and durable. This is definitely a perfect packaging bag for Christmas.

Small Drawstring Gift Bags For Christmas

These little drawstring gift bags are so much easier to store than long rolls of wrapping paper. They are also so much faster than trying to cut paper, fit the box.....If you are not a huge fan of wrapping gifts, this will be perfect for you. If you have a lot of small gifts, these are a time saver.

Jumbo Drawstring Gift Bags For Christmas

These jumbo drawstring Christmas bags don't rip or tear easily. They're easy to use and work especially well for items which are not conventional in shape. They are colorful and will look good under a Christmas tree. The ties for the top are easy to work with. In terms of value, these are more economical than the common dollar store type of bags. But you will love the convenience and ease of using them though, as well as the appearance.

Top 6 Drawstring Party Favor Bags

If you often plan and hold parties, then you will thank drawstring party bags. Wrapping party favors with classic party goodie bags may time-consuming. Drawstring favor bags make you finish the package with a gentle pull.

Personalized Drawstring Favor Bags

This golden star burlap drawstring bag with the digital wooden sign is very suitable for packaging snacks, crafts, candies, small gifts, Christmas party gifts, soaps, and coins. Use this burlap bags with drawstrings to surprise your guests.

Sheer Drawstring Party Bags

This sheer linen organza bag is very suitable for party favor treat bags. Children can see the contents of the bag through the translucent organza. In addition, this candy bag is made of high-quality linen and organza, which is durable and can be washed.

Plastic Drawstring Favor Bags

This drawstring goodie bag is made up of food-grade plastic with a ribbon drawstring closure. It can be filled with candies, homemade cookies, or nuts as gifts for your party guests.

Reusable Drawstring Gift Bags

You can use these reusable drawstring gift bags to give little Christmas gifts, as a favor for bridal shower, for money gifts rather than cards , or to hold the party favors such as your son's wedding events. They were lovely. Not sheer at all.

Santa Felt Wool Treat Bag With Drawstring

This lovely Santa Claus Advent Countdown Gift Bag is made of warm wool felt, each Santa Claus has a countdown number printed on the back, you can put the gifts in the gift bag, each time you open a Santa Claus brings the surprise is one step closer to Christmas. Hang these adorable Santas in your room and welcome Christmas in anticipation!

Drawstring Treat Bag With Number Stickers

This is a fancy drawstring party favor bag. The little drawstring is so cute and you just tie it off. People use them for variety of needs such as to put homemade soap bars and small candles in or to hold activated charcoal for odor control in a couple of places around the house. These bags work great for holding the charcoal and don't seem out of place.

How to Sew a Drawstring Bag?

While some people like to shop for delicate industrial drawstring bags, some tend to sew a drawstring bag. They can use the fabric with their loved pattern and determine to make a large drawstring bag or sew a small one in accordance with their personal requirements.

How to Make a Drawstring Bag


If you have any experience with sewing projects, it will be easy to sew a DIY fabric drawstring bag following the drawstring bag sewing tutorial for beginners.

Now, follow this simple and easy sewing project to hold your stuff or make reusable drawstring gift bags!

What You Need to Sew a Drawstring Bag:

  • Fabric – burlap, cotton, canvas, velvet, linen, muslin
  • Ribbon or cord – 2 pieces, each one measuring two times the width of the bag, plus 2 inches
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing gauge
  • Fabric scissors or rotary cutter

Make a Drawstring Bag in Simple 7 Steps

Step One: Cut your fabric into 2 pieces.

Make a Drawstring Bag Step 1


Step Two: Hem the top of each piece of fabric. To hem, fold over about 1cm. Iron and pin...then stitch across.

Make a Drawstring Bag Step 2


Step Three: Measuring about 2.5cm from the top edge and place a pin. Then leave a 1cm gap and place another piece. Do this on the left and right sides of 1 piece of fabric.


Step Four: With right sides togehter. Stitch all the way around leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance. Leave a gap between the pins.

Make a Drawstring Bag Step 4


Step Five: Cut off the corners. This ensures a neat corner. Press seam allowances open. This will make the threading the ribbon easier. Turn top edge over. Make sure your hole is in the right place.

Make a Drawstring Bag Step 5


Step Six: Pin and then stitch all the way around. This forms the channel to put your ribbon in.

Make a Drawstring Bag Step 6


Step Seven: Turn your bag the right way around. Put a safety pin on the end of some ribbon, thread into one hole, all the way around and out the same hole you went into. Now, repeat on the other side.

Make a Drawstring Bag Step 7


Now, you have made your own drawstring bag! You can use a drawstring bag for anything you like. Just pull the drawstrings in opposite directions to close the bag, and that’s it! You can give your drawstring bag a housewarming gift for your friend. With Hallows Eve creeping closer, you can make some small drawstring bag and put a Squid Game plush toy as the treat-or-trick bags. Kids will love them. You also can carry the clothes and shoes or hold the toys of kids. This flexible container is great for storing and organizing anything.

Make a Drawstring Bag

In Short

Overall, drawstring gift bags save people time for wrapping presents, especially for those awkward shape gifts. Small drawstring bags are not only as party favor bags, but sometimes as decoration for other uses like hang them around your house to keep wasps away. Most people use paper sacks but these are waterproof so you can use some linen bags instead.

For most of cloth drawstring gift bags, they are recyclable and reusable. If you want economic bags, try to get fabric bags. On the other hand, plastic or foild drawstring gift bags will be cheaper than fabric gift bags.

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